Work Package 1

Survey of H2S levels and fish welfare in operative RAS farms

Leader: NIVA – Åse Åtland

Currently, no systematic monitoring exists on the levels and fate of H2S in RAS farms. The data are fragmented and often related to acute fish mortalities, with limited information on the link between water quality and sub-lethal or long-term effects on fish health and welfare.

As a starting point to gain a better understanding, a detailed monitoring programme of H2S-levels and corresponding operational welfare indicators, will be developed and implemented in different RAS farms in Norway and Denmark, thus allowing inter-country comparison as well as studies in both smolt and land-based on-growing facilities (Atlantic Sapphire Denmark).

Furthermore, batch reactor experiments will be conducted in order to clarify how other physio-chemical factors influence the formation of H2S. WP1 will actively involve key industry actors including farming companies and a sensor provider.